Marriage is hard.

And I’m not very good at it.

That’s why I need Jesus.

Being married reveals my inadequacies and weaknesses.

It exposes my heart and reveals the depth of my need.

It’s risky,

And shakes me out of my comfort zone when I least expect it.

Through my husband, I see my need for a Savior in the most profound ways.

I see my selfishness and arrogance.

I’m more aware of my desperate need for prayer.

I can’t be the wife my husband needs, the wife my children need to see modeled in our home…I can’t be her…without

HIM…without Jesus.

In fact, I believe it’s impossible for marriage to work apart from the One who holds all things…and works all things together for good.

I used to wonder if I married the right person.

But now I know.

I believe that God has brought my husband and me together for such a time as this to become a living example that He can and will do the impossible.

I love my husband.

The love that God has poured into our hearts for each other is what sustains us when the road we’re traveling down becomes treacherous.

It’s a love that is patient and kind…that keeps no record of wrongs.

It’s a love that hopes, endures and never fails.

…a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.  Ecclesiastes 4:12

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