My children keep me humble and vulnerable.

They challenge me…

To love deeper, listen more, hug longer, and pray harder.

They inspire me…

To enjoy the simple, treasure the moment and live life in the now.

With them I can…

Sing off key

Dance without music

Cry for no reason, and

Laugh until I cry…

My children have laid bare my heart

To the deepest kind of pain and the greatest kind of love.

They help me realize…

Life is a vapor…

and we’re not promised another breath.

More often than not, though,

I am the one instructing and teaching my children the way they should go, I find that I’m the one being molded and shaped.

While most everything in this life is temporary, what lasts is the impact and imprint we have left upon our children’s hearts.

Could it be that in blessing us with children, God revealed to us more of His heart and character than anything else He has created.

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