Child of God

Two weeks after my husband Jim retired from his Hall of Fame career with the Buffalo Bills, our son was born.  On his daddy’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, 1997, Hunter James Kelly joined our family.  We were ecstatic.  The protégé son had arrived full of life and promise.  Our family was growing and life seemed perfect.

With our two-year-old daughter, Erin, shadowing my every move, Hunter adjusted to life…Kelly style.  And while he initially appeared to be just a very fussy infant, Hunter was actually fighting for his life.

The news was shocking.  It’s every parent’s deepest terror.  Our family was told that our precious son had a rare, fatal, genetic disease.  We were told that Hunter would not live to see his second birthday.  With no treatment, no cure, and ultimately no answers, we were desperate.

What do you do when your family’s world is turned upside down?  What do you do when you don’t know what to do?  How do you face the trauma and press on when all hope is gone?

During my desperate search for help, hope and heaven, God intervened.  Even though for very selfish reasons I began my search for God in the midst of my pain – He was there – ready to rescue me from living my life apart from Him.  Initially, I didn’t really understand or realize my need for His grace and mercy because of my sin.  I just needed hope!  I needed life!

Through God’s Word, the Bible, I have come to believe and know that Jesus is all I need.  Before I was even born He knew me.  Before I took my first breath He had a purpose and plan for my life – and Hunters.

Before the foundation of the world, God knew He would pay the ultimate price to save His children and set them free.  The cross is God’s love letter to you and to me.

As my relationship and love for Jesus and His Word continue to grow, I long to encourage others and bring hope to those who have none.  My passion and hearts desire is to know Him – the One who loves each of us  more than we can comprehend – the One who gave me hope when I had none – the One and Only Son of God – who died to set me free.

What an incredible God!

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