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March 31, 2013

His Words…on that Friday!


I was invited to participate in the Good Friday Together event held at the First Niagara Center. (On Good Friday) Overwhelmed by the invite and the verse I was given to share…I prayed a lot. Actually, I freaked out and prayed a ton.

It was an extraordinary event.


To see how God the Father packed that arena for the praise and glory of His Son – well, words fall short. It was like a glimpse of what worship in heaven might be like – every tribe, tongue and nation – hearts full being poured out in uninhibited worship for the King. Absolutely unforgettable. His presence was tangible. His people – ONE in Him and for Him. » Read more

March 27, 2013

Because I’m their mom…

photoI know it’s true but sometimes (well, often) I forget.

They don’t belong to me.

I don’t own them.


They were His long before I even knew them and they’re still His.

Maybe it’s because they’re flesh of my flesh that I feel this way.

Like I have some sort of say in how their lives should be – a claim to what kind of future they will have and what that journey should look like every step of the way – because… » Read more