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April 21, 2012

I hope we can still be friends after this…my thoughts on the “The Hunger Games”

I’m not a movie critic.

What I do here is share my heart. And that’s what I feel led to do after seeing, “The Hunger Games.” Whether you agree with me or not (and most of you might not) – this is my opinion and I feel strongly enough about this to share it publicly. In doing so, I invite criticism and comments – as I do with everything I choose to write about here.

I should’ve read “Plugged-In,” A Focus on the Family Website that reviews movies. I should’ve known that if the world is eager; bursting with anticipation, the movie is probably not for the follower of Jesus.

I could have suggested a different movie around the same time. I could’ve chosen not to blow off my oldest daughter’s words before we walked into the theater, “I don’t have a good feeling about this Mom.” » Read more

April 3, 2012

my friend, the BIG “C”…and the little “c”, a mamma bird and her babies

I just read this message from a dear friend going through chemotherapy.

Her great faith and strength in the BIG “C” – Christ in the face of the little “c” – cancer, has deeply humbled me today.

I pray that in sharing some of her experience, you too might be encouraged to persevere and trust despite whatever it might be that you’re going through today. God is greater than our greatest need. He is the ultimate Hero and Rescue Plan in every circumstance. No matter what, He will work ALL things together for good – for those who love HIM. (Romans 8:28) » Read more