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May 26, 2010


In a few weeks my youngest daughter will complete fifth grade. I can’t even begin to count the numerous times I’ve been told: “It goes by so fast.  Enjoy every moment.”  It’s true.  Life goes by so fast, faster than we even realize.  I want to hold on.  I pray I don’t forget all that God has done. I hope my journaled memories and photographs will be enough to ignite my memory when my girls are old enough to have their own children.

I’ll never forget the first day of kindergarten for my youngest daughter Camryn.  Like most parents, I had anticipated that day for some time.  Still, as excited as I was for her, my heart longed to have her home. But, off she went. My baby girl, off to school to start the adventure of growing up. » Read more

May 19, 2010

If God is Good then…

If God is good then why…?  You can fill in the remainder of this sentence with just about anything.  If God is good then why does He allow suffering?  If God is good then why did my son die when he was just eight and a half years old?  If God is good why does He allow war, rape, child abuse, and even Hell?  If God is good…______________________________.  How would you fill in the empty blank?

I’m working on a devotional with my two daughters titled Hot Chocolate with God; 365 Sweet Truths from God’s Heart to Yours. » Read more

May 12, 2010

Do You Remember Steve Irwin? – Thoughts on Passion

Do you remember Steve Irwin?  He was the Crocodile Hunter on Animal Planet.  I’m certain we have all of his episodes because my son, Hunter loved watching Steve wrestle around with all sorts of animals.  Erin and Camryn also enjoyed snuggling up next to their brother to watch many great Steve adventures.  The kids liked these programs so much that we eventually found our own local “Reptile Guy”, Jeff.  We never had a 12-foot croc in our house (thank God) but we had a smaller version (don’t you love the picture  - I’m not sure if that’s a croc or an alligator – they all look the same to me).  I remember those days with great joy in my heart.

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May 9, 2010

Motherhood…Simple Pleasures by Patti Thomas

The house is quiet. I’m sitting in the family room staring out a large picture window observing the many species of birds that frequent my deck.  This is one of those simple pleasures I enjoy.  The Audobon book that allows me to identify the species is on the armchair of the couch, within my pinky finger’s reach.   When the bird lands, I rifle through the book to identify the species.  I never used to enjoy this type of solace or these “simple pleasures” until the past few years.  I have daughters that are 20,18 and 13 and a son that is 8 years old.  My daughters were born when I was still quite young.  In many ways, I feel as though I grew up with the older two.  There was so much to still be learned during the early years of raising them.  I begrudgingly admit that the naiveté, » Read more

May 7, 2010


Spring is here!  As I took a walk today I was able to breathe in the beauty and life of spring bursting forth all around me.  The grass is so green and the trees are already full of leaves.  The hostas and colorful flowers are sprinkled across our yard like lemon and raspberry swirls erupting with abandon.  The birds are back with boldness, singing the most beautiful melodies.  Even the bugs are back—and oddly I’m thankful, (Except for the spiders—so gross. I know, God made them, but I don’t have to like them). It’s all absolutely breathtaking.

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