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September 27, 2003


Taken from “Messages of Hope”

Almost five years ago, I made a decision that totally changed my life.   In late August 1998, (I can remember this day as if it were yesterday) through tears of sorrow, brokenness and desperation, I cried out to the only One that could save me – my ever present Help in time of need –my Savior and King – Jesus Christ.  On bended knee and with few words I asked Jesus to forgive me, take over my life and come live in my heart.  Little did I know then, how that decision would change me and rearrange my entire life.  Of all the things I have learned and all the changes I have come to realize – there is one thing that I must share that is so outstanding to me and so vital to not only my walk with Jesus today but my life with Him for eternity as well.  I WAS DESPERATE FOR JESUS BEFORE I EVEN KNEW HIM, BUT I AM EVEN MORE DESPERATE FOR HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! » Read more