Hunter’s Hope

After news of Hunter’s disease hit national media circuits, we were inundated with fan mail from all over the country.  The outcry of support was astounding and encouraging.  Through the thousands of letters it soon became very apparent that we were not alone in our plight to help Hunter and kids like him.

We were determined to do something about this horrible disease most people had never heard of.  The world needed to know about Krabbe Leukodystrophy and other inherited neurodegenerative disorders.  So in September 1997, when Hunter was eight months old, the Hunter’s Hope Foundation was established.

Since the Foundation’s inception, we’ve been on an emotional rollercoaster ride and at times we’ve wanted to give up and walk away from it all.  But we didn’t and we won’t.  Determination and dedication continue to prevail even though discouragement and doubt always lurk nearby.  When our weaknesses and inadequacies tempt us to throw in the towel another beautiful child gets diagnosed with Krabbe disease and we press on.  And Hunter’s legacy lives on, by the grace of God, far beyond our vapor of life here on earth.

I continue to be in awe of how God has used our beloved son to spread hope, life and love to countless people all over the country and world.  Yet just as inspiring are the children for which we do what we do at Hunter’s Hope.  They take your breath away and their very lives encourage you to be a better human being… a patient and gentle spouse… a more gracious and loving parent… a sincere friend… a good listener… and a person who loves deeper and forgives every time.   Though most of them will slip in and out of our lives without ever speaking a single word, their lives are filled with a contagious love that speaks clearer and penetrates the soul deeper than words ever could.  They’re unforgettable and make what we do at Hunter’s Hope a blessing beyond measure.

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