What Others Are Saying About

What Others Are Saying

The Kelly family story is something I thought I already knew. But in fact, after reading Without A Word, I realized I didn’t know anything. There’s more than a story hidden within this book’s pages, it’s a life changing experience. Jill draws you into some of the most intimate places of her soul. She exposes the very difficult circumstances she and her family endured. Yet, through her undeniable faith and passionate pursuit of God – life, hope and enduring joy was found. It’s about a boy who changed everything, but also a woman, wife and mother who loved unconditionally and selflessly fought for her son, husband and family. Without A Word is heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time. Without A Word is inspirational and full of evidence that God can and will do the impossible.

Krista Palmer
Director, Marketing & Publicity
Hunter’s Hope Foundation

Without a Word is a transparent look into the private lives of a celebrity couple enduring real life issues. Jim and Jill Kelly speak candidly about their journey as lovers, parents and members of a “club” that no one dreams they’ll ever join – those who have buried a child.

As a personal friend of the Kelly’s and as one who prayed often for them since before I knew them – (the beginning of their courtship), this book connected the dots for me. Not many of us possess the grit and grace of Jim and Jill Kelly. It takes tremendous courage to reveal the intimate and sacred layers of our heart in such a public manner. Follow them through expectation and disappointment – through betrayal and restoration – through the impossible to a place of joy and contentment.

It was an emotional read for me. At times I laughed or smiled at the memories described – remembering Hunter and the loving team of people who surrounded him. At times the tears spilled uncontrollably as I hurt and grieved all over with my dear friends. It was very interesting to read the excerpts from Jill’s journals and to hear “in Jim’s own words” how he was processing the events during those years, but mostly, I was overcome with awe at our God who is unmistakably sovereign in and through all of our circumstances. His love, care and guidance is woven throughout the smiles and the tears on the pages of this book.

This book will bless you – whether or not you are a football fan or whether or not you have ever met Jim or Jill. You will meet two real and honest people who might be a lot like you – searching for answers and wanting to repair wounded family relationships that sometimes happen. The words of this book will give you hope. Hope for your marriage. Hope for your children. Hope for your dashed expectations and seemingly impossible circumstances. God has radically intervened in the Kelly family’s situation, and He longs to do that for you and me! Take a bite of this book – Taste and see that the Lord is good!

Katherine McCauley
Creative Memories Director

“Without a Word”, sweet and unyielding innocence interrupted the Kelly family lifestyle, so immersed in the demanding expectations of others. “Without a single phrase”, Hunter Kelly came, lived, and departed having poignantly pioneered hope and rescue to the future lives and stories of thousands and thousands of families. Within the pages of this raw, honest and tender revelation of intimate family ties, it is my prayer that you will feel the same emotions of joy, anguish, anger, heartache, thankfulness, forgiveness, and love that I have had the privilege to share with these very, very special friends. Because Hunter was such a precious gift from God, the Kelly family will never be the same. Due to the reading of this inspiring journey, neither will I, and neither will you.

Pastor Richard R. George
Shepherding Pastor of The Chapel at Crosspoint
Counselor, Freelance Writer, Playwright, Poet, and Conference Speaker

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