What Others Are Saying About

What Others Are Saying

I have to start out by saying that this will probably be the best book I will read this year. I know the year is just starting out, but it is THAT good.

It is the best book I’ve read in the past 10 years and I am an avid reader. Maybe that is because it reached into parts of my soul that only God can do through another person’s testimony.

Jill writes with such open and raw honesty about struggles most people would never open to anyone, much less the public.
She shares about her own sinful choices, dealing with the death of a child, a husband who is unfaithful, hurtful comments people make, generational things that she fell right into. Things that, while specifics may be different, we each have faced and became etched into our hearts and causing them to break.

Yet, God used each difficulty, sinful choice, even joy-filled moments, each of these events in her life and reached down and met her in her brokenness, bringing healing and love.

Something He has promised to do for all of us.

It is a beautiful book.

Each chapter weaves memories of events that shaped Jill and how, when she was transformed by the Gospel, He used them to draw her to Himself.

I challenge you to pick up a copy and seek the Lord as you read it.

Hear the message of His love for us through her testimony.

She doesn’t just tell us her story, she ends each chapter with important truths for us to remember and Scriptures to memorize and cling to as we face our daily living.

She hopes and prays that her testimony will encourage us to seek Him.

I think that by reading it you will be challenged to see anew, that every event in your life, past, present and future is being used for His glory and for your rescue.

His steadfast love and healing grace will forever change you and Jill’s life is a living testimony of that.


As she writes, “God will break our hearts, but He will hold the pieces. He will cradle us and redeem every tear we cry.” Although great personal pain-her young son Hunter’s death, her husband’s infidelity-informs these pages, Kelly’s story is ultimately one of forgiveness, reconciliation, and hope. Through the moments in time that Jill Kelly recounts, readers will recognize the daily reality and eternal value of God’s plan for their own lives.

This book offered comfort as my eyes were opened to the many blessings my life has been given in the bounty of painful circumstances. It’s a book filled with lessons that sometimes we allow our burden to camouflage. It gives hope that we will rise above the moment of pain, darkness and hurt to stand on our own…a little taller, a lot stronger and engulfed in peace.

I loved this book and encourage anyone to pick up a copy and read it cover to cover, embracing the bounty of lessons that are applicable to us all.

Julee Morrison
Writer/Blogger mommysmemorandum.com

Etched Upon my Heart is not just a book, it is an invitation. The author, Jill Kelly, sets up a scenario and invites you to share a fireside chat, woman to woman. The invitation is a call to remember and to look back at some of the raw and difficult moments in our lives. The challenge will be to change the way we see them. Every event in our lives up to and including this moment shape us – and we have a choice to either bury them and allow them to keep us from God and happiness, or we can own them, learn from them, and move forward.

It is not uncommon to look at other people and think that they have it all together. We think that we are the only ones who have sorrow or shame that lurk in our darkest places. Mrs. Kelly lays some of her moments bare. She puts them right out on the table and exposes them to light. That’s the key, of course. It is the only way these things ever loosen their grip on us. We have to find a way to expose them, give them up to God, and stop letting them define us. The book is lovely and has so many valuable lessons.

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Jill Kelly has not had an easy life, but with her struggles have come Godly wisdom. Wisdom that she is able to impart to her readers with her down to earth and honest style of writing. Who better to teach a lesson about significance than someone who has struggled with significance and come out the other side? Who better to teach a reader about prayer than someone who admittedly began her prayer life with very selfish prayers, only to discover prayer isn’t about the person praying, but about her Savior? And who better to show the reader that God is faithful despite our human suffering than someone who was able to say with confidence that God is faithful, after burying her son?

Etched…Upon My Heart was a blessing to read. I, too, see where God has used painful circumstances in my own life for His glory. To hear someone else recount the same perspective was an encouragement to me. And I believe Etched…Upon My Heart would probably be a good book for teen girls to read also. I plan on passing this book down to my 14 year old. There are a lot of good lessons to be learned in this little book. Lessons I wish I had learned before I left home and headed off to college. I think Etched…Upon My Heart will be good reinforcement of those lessons for my own daughter.

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Right from the introduction, when Kelly says, “I pray that my life thus far, whether I like it or not, has been a living example or epistle, leaving an imprint etched upon their hearts every day,” speaking of her children, I was hooked. Kelly looks at the moments that she has etched in her life and is so honest. I love that. Honesty is so important now as I get older. Jill Kelly is real and that is why this book is so great.

There are so many times in life that when things go bad, I have a hard time trusting God. I don’t want to. I am selfish like that. But He loves me and as she writes, “God will break our hearts, but He will hold the pieces.” In the good times and bad I must remember that Christ is there helping me through, cheering me on and wanting to give me victory and peace.

I highly recommend this book. The openness in which Jill Kelly writes is refreshing and really allows us as readers to look at similar  moments in our life and re-evaluate, reconnect with an awesome God who wants us more than anything.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. In fact, it took me longer than I thought it would to read because I read through it slowly, savoring every word.

In the introduction, Mrs. Kelly shares, “This book is everything I hope my daughters eventually learn, always remember, and never forget. It’s everything I would share with you, woman to woman and mother to mother.” Her conversational tone throughout the book made me feel as if we were having a nice conversation over coffee.

Reading Etched…Upon My Heart, I could see how the moments in my own life, especially those painful ones that I don’t like to remember, have worked together to make me who I am today. How God has used painful events in my past to help me be a stronger Christian today. This is a book that I will definitely want my daughters to read when they’re teenagers.

TaMara Sloan

Today at church my Pastor was talking about how ones history is essential to living a better story. Without our past, we wouldn’t be who we are today. It immediately made me think about Etched Upon my Heart which I’d just finished reading and relates so much to exactly what my Pastor talked about. Etched Upon my Heart will reach deep into your soul and challenge your thinking about your own life. Kelly took her life experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly, and wrote a book about what she learned from them as a sort of memoir of life lessons for her children.

Kelly faced a lifetime of trials and heartache but realized that these were the moments that grew her and challenged her and ultimately shaped the woman that she is today. The moments that can make or break us add to our character and teach us valuable lessons. I could relate to her about so much of her life circumstances that I have felt shame about as a Christian. She gave me a whole new perspective on the way I view my past.

I admire her strength and honesty. It couldn’t have been easy to admit her mistakes and failures and bad things that happened to her, especially knowing her children will read them and even more admirable is that she did it FOR them. She took her deepest, darkest secrets that could have broken her and spun them into what they should be; a vessel to deepen her walk with the Lord. This will create such a strong bond with her daughter’s that they will carry for a lifetime and valuable experiences that they will hopefully not have to suffer themselves. But if and when they do, they will have their mother’s words to encourage and guide them.

This book inspired me to be more open with my own children. I’ve thought about the mistakes I’ve made when I was young and how honest I will be with my kids about them when those topics come up. Kelly has given me a new perception about why honesty is best, even when painful, embarrassing and excruciating to relive. Our children should learn from our mistakes and understand where we are coming from. Kelly’s daughter’s will respect her because of her honesty and I want my children to feel the same about me.

The fact that Jill is Jim Kelly’s wife and she did not try to capitalize on it makes her book more admirable and heartfelt. She simply wrote about him as Jim, her husband and the father to her children; not Jim the NFL quarterback.

There are certain books that come along once in a while that have the ability to move me and reshape my way of thinking. It is deep and reflective and filled with the wisdom only one who has been broken can impart along with the hope that only one who believes can feel. Our history is our story and one that should be embraced. Etched…Upon my Heart is one of those books that I will never forget.

The IE Mommy

Dear Jill,

I preordered your new book on iBooks and couldn’t wait for it to be released. Today, I am home with the flu and in my better moments pick up my phone to read…first of all, Thank you….thank you for writing this book, for putting it all out there, for explaining and making sense of the same struggles I am facing. I find this book tender, written from the heart and blessed by God. Your explanations and real life examples, along with prayers and Bible verses are so helpful, especially to those of us struggling with our faith, trying to understand…it’s the complete package. Words cannot express my gratitude to you for all you have done for those of us you don’t know….may God continue to bless you and I praise him for giving you the courage and perseverance to be such a wonderful mentor, that has moved me in my faith to understand, to hunger, and to seek more! You are amazing!!!

Mary Jo

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