Etched…Upon My Heart

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Etched… is the core of all I have learned in the midst of this battle raging for my heart and affections. It’s everything that as a mother, I hope to pass onto my daughters—a treasure chest brimming with life—lessons and moving moments that changed a life!

Filled with life-altering, gritty truths graciously expressed through relaxed, yet revolutionary reflections, this treasure becomes profoundly relevant. Animated by a mother’s heart, Etched… is the very spirit of intuitive, compassionate grace, balanced with a rugged, uncompromising love shared with joyful abandon.

Heartfelt and honest, this book overflows with the deep desires and inspired longings I have for the two young girls I love beyond words. It addresses the common passion, hopes, and dreams that every mother has for her children.

Etched… is an outpouring of my heart, wrapped in narrative experiences and shared with the hope of encouraging mothers and women in general to stand fast in the midst of the battle for the heart. I recount various moments and experiences in each chapter that relate to my own spiritual growth curve. My hope is that the reader will contrast their own life against my experiences and grasp the realization that we share many common struggles as women and mothers.

It is through these gathered moments that our life-lessons are caught and etched upon our hearts…forever.

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“Jill courageously allows us into the rawest moments of her personal journey, and invites us to join the process by which love is defined, fear becomes faith, and suffering becomes sovereign. Undoubtedly, if ‘moments are measured by depth, not by length’, then the moments that you will spend reading Etched..Upon My Heart will serve as some of your most valuable…”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Co-Host ABC The View

“Jill Kelly writes with a raw honesty that is both rare and refreshing. Etched..Upon My Heart will both break your heart where it needs to be broken and heal your heart at the same time.”

Mark Batterson
Pastor of National Community Church
Author of The Circle Maker

“I am taken … with the words in Etched..Upon My Heart and the heart of the writer who wrote them, Jill Kelly. As a mother, Jill spoke to the place in me that desires to make a lasting imprint on my children’s lives. As a woman, she touched the place in me that knows well of the struggle to love, lose, forgive, live faithfully, find significance. As a believer in Jesus, she stirred my deep gratitude for redemption and the God who makes all things well. There is a richness that comes from a life that has lived this, and Jill Kelly has poured her own onto the pages of Etched. I just read it, and I want to read it, again.”

Lisa Whittle
Speaker, Compassion Advocated, Author of {w}hole

“As I read Etched..Upon My Heart, it occurred to me that Jill Kelly is missing something. Like pretense. And guile. And posturing. She swings the door to her life wide open and gives us an all access pass to the moments that have made her. Many of those moments are sweet, but some are blindingly painful, others unvarnished and ragged. I kept meeting myself in Jill’s story. Then it settled on me what the power of this book is: Jill is not telling us her story. She is telling us Jesus’ story in its Jill Kelly edition.”

Jennifer Kennedy Dean
Executive Director of The Praying Life Foundation
Author of Live a Praying Life and Altar’d

“If I had to describe Etched..Upon My Heart with one word it would be ‘Transparency.’ From cover to cover are treasured moments that lead to freedom with Christ. This sweet book of memories will touch your heart as it did mine and remind you of the beautiful tapestry the Lord is writing with our lives. You will also be challenged, as was I, to invite Jesus to do a work in your own heart as you ponder your own moments through life. This book will lead you to your own intimate time to look back and see His footprints with each of us. Etched..Upon My Heart shines Jesus through the life of Jill Kelly and her family where pain has led to dance. For the Lord will waste nothing with a heart willing to share glimpses of moments such as these. Moments of true life, real struggles, and victory as our heavenly Father is revealed memory by memory. What a beautiful scene to read the story of one willing to be so transparent that others might see through to the rescuer Himself, Christ.”

Shelly Wilson
Shelly Wilson Ministries

“In Etched..Upon My Heart, author Jill Kelly masterfully addresses the multiple layers we hide under that keep us safe from the hard issues of life – being unloved, feeling insignificant, harboring resentment, going through suffering, unyielding selfishness, prayer-less autonomy, and the dread of death. Sometimes, Jill gently removes that blanket with her pen; sometimes her writing rips the blanket off. The end result is the same: our vulnerable soul is exposed in a refreshing, yet raw way and we are forced to stare at our desperate need for God. Jill knows God and the intimacy she shares with Him she willingly shares with us. But beware: it is an intimacy that has been birthed out of extreme suffering. In fact, what she writes about suffering is so profound that you will miss it if you do not discover the joy found in Christ in and at the end of your own suffering. YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK. When you do, you will discover, as I did (and as Jill wrote): God will tenderly speak to you and usher you into a deeper grace than you knew before.”

Dr. Deone Drake

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