A Place to Remember

Journaling has become invaluable to me.

Year after year I have spent hours pouring my heart out to the God who sees and knows me better than I know myself. Woven into the very fabric of my soul, my journals are a precious glimpse between the lines of a life lived in full surrender.

For me, journaling has become a multi-layered path of deep expression that is essential for me to be all I am—all I’m meant to be…

It is the nourishment my soul craves, the healing my heart aches for, and the maturity that defines me.

It is not an option.

I need to journal.

The burdens and fears, the despair and grief, the wonder and hope that are part of me need expression as I celebrate every breath and continue to unwrap this gift called life.

I share all of this with you because no matter where you are in your life journey, what you’re going through needs expression. You need a place to let go…and let God.

A place of refuge in the midst of the storm. Your safe haven. A keepsake of tears. The place you run to when you have nowhere else to turn. Because God knows and cares deeply. He captures the tears that fall upon these pages and hears the unspoken cry of your heart.

I pray that you will allow your heart to express on paper all that His grace and love are waiting to heal.

He’s listening! He’s waiting!

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