I have been writing for years…in my journals. Never did I ever think that God would allow my writings to touch people in the way they have. I’m humbled and grateful though I will never fully comprehend why God chooses to use broken vessels, like me, to reveal His heart.

I’m passionate about the Word of God and can’t live without it. Truly, the more I hide it in my heart the more it fills the words I speak and put on paper. The written word is a powerful tool; yet without His love and grace in every line and letter, what is penned can’t possibly change a heart or life. My words are meaningless without the story of who God is woven throughout. Ultimately, it’s what’s left unsaid that has the deeper, everlasting impact.


  • Etched Upon My Heart
  • A Place to Remember
  • Without a Word
  • Prayers For Those Who Grieve
  • Prayers Of Hope For The Brokenhearted
  • Hot Chocolate With God: Just Me & Who God Created Me to Be
  • Hot Chocolate With God 2: Just Me & My Friends and Family
  • Hot Chocolate With God 3: Just Me & the God Who Loves Me